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Go Stir Crazy at home with The AutoStir. It stirs and mixes at 3 different speeds! Made of non stick silicone & stainless steel prongs, it gives complete pan coverage so you can get onto other elements of your meal without having to worry about things turning lumpy. You'll be amazed as it stirs like crazy,

Perfect for soup, gravy, beans and sauces, this will be a timesaver in the kitchen - in fact, it's your third hand in the kitchen!

Heat and non-stick pan safe.
Legs are dishwasher safe.
3 legs with silicone feet that won't scratch or damage your pans .
Use it again and again for any number of dishes. 
The AutoStir uses 4 x AA batteries and has an extra long battery life.

Package includes:
x1 AutoStir Cordless Mixer.