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Baby Flower Shower
Baby Flower Shower
Baby Flower Shower
Baby Flower Shower

Baby Flower Shower

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Want to give your baby the best baths? Have fun with them with this beautiful Flower Shower!

Bath time can be a fun time for you and your baby. It is a pleasant experience for baby to kick and move about without clothes on.

It is a good time to talk to your baby and let him learn to make sounds and make eye contact with you.

Begin the fun with this Baby Flower Shower simply by pressing the start button a few times. Watch the water flow from the face of the sunflower. In addition… there is no need to keep the faucet on.

Your little one will love playing with this baby bath toy that will make easier to convince him to take a bath.

This Baby Flower Shower features a smiley sunflower face with vivid bright colors that keeps your baby happy and entertained in the bathtub while he’s playing and rinsing his hair as well as body.

Simply attach with the suction cups provided.

How To Use:

  • Has two suction cups that can be firmly attached to the top of the container and not easy to fall off
  • The blue ball should stay under the water to suck up the water
  • The water will be driven up via the white and green water pipe
  • Then press the start button and the water will spray out from the sunflower
  • Multi-directional adjustment: Adjust as well as adapt the sunflower neck to a different age of the baby.


  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Play in the bathroom.
  • Lightweight and easy to use for small hands.
  • Stimulates the imaginative game.
  • Innovative educational way to learn while playing.