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Bicycle Light
Bicycle Light
Bicycle Light
Bicycle Light
Bicycle Light
Bicycle Light

Bicycle Light

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Want to add extra safety to your bicycle trips? These Bicycle Lights are the perfect touch of protection and coolness!

Over the years, riding a bike has become more than just a transportation mean. It has developed into a passionate hobby, a sporting event and a means to keep people in shape.

But just like any other activity, this too presents some challenges and even dangers that when left unchecked, might put riders as well as pedestrians and motorists in harm’s way.

Therefore, authorities and even companies that make and sell bikes always tell people to ensure safety at all times when using one.

One of the best products for all bicycle enthusiasts. These Bicycle Lights are the perfect addition to your car, bike, or motorcycle. This product is so easy to use.

The self motion-activated lights automatically turn on when the vehicle moves, and they're perfect for safety at nighttime, bad weather, and simply looking cool.

Simply screw it onto the tire valve to install it, and enjoy the super-bright, energy-saving, long lifespan of the LED.

Single Induction Vibration Function

This LED wheel light is activated by motion, lights turn on when moving; off when stopped. The LED value bike light is a single induction vibration type, lights are extra bright when the wheel is turning.


Our bike lights increase the night-time and inclement weather visibility to ensure safety. This bicycle wheel light is a perfect way to enhance your safety when you are riding in the dark. Safety is our primary consideration.


Our bicycle tire lights have been waterproof tested. You don’t need to worry about the bike lights being damaged when riding in rainy days, suitable for all kinds of weathers, but please do not submerge in water.

Easy to Install

These lights can be easily installed and removed as the pictures show, just remove your original type value cap, and put the LED light. You can mount on your bike, motorcycle, and car in a few seconds.


  • Color: red, blue, yellow, green
  • Battery: 3 AG10 button battery
  • Fits for: bike, motorcycle, car